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tv   Americas Choice 2016 AZ Primary ID UT Caucuses  CNN  March 22, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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one, probably more people in today's terror bombing in brussels, 30 killed, 230 wounded, a travel warning for americans potentially traveling to europe. right now we shift to cnn election coverage for a while. wolf blitzer will be joining you shortly. wolf. you're looking live at what could be one of the largest caucus turnouts in u.s. history. this is the line for democrats in boise idaho. it more than a mile long. this is the scene in phoenix, arizona, where the lines are wrapped around the building and in salt lake city, utah, the lines are also long and they may, repeat may, run out of ballots. 5,000 people expected at this
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caucus site alone. turnout on this western tuesday is very strong. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf bliltser in the-- blit the cnn election scenter. right now we're standing by for primaries and caucuses out west. they're in idaho. on the republican side, 98 delegates are at stake tonight and in arizona the winner takes all. ted cruz and john kasich want to deny trump delegates so he can't clinch the nomination. for the democrats, 131 democrats are on the line tonight. hillary clinton hopes to extend
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her winning streak. while bernie sanders hopes to have better luck in idaho. sara is with the trump campaign. >> donald trump believes that these terror attacks give his campaign a boost. i want to read you one of his tweets. he said "have i proven to are far more directed on terrorism than anybody." we see this bearing out in the polls. trump edged out any other candidates who best deals with terrorism, that included secretary of state hillary clinton. if you looked at republican
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prime rich voary voters, it was blowout. the question for him going forward is how does he fare on this issue. >> i want to check in with sunlen serfaty. she's in new york. what are you hearing? >> the cruz campaign is seeing an opening here to potentially have ted cruz distinguish himself from other candidates as this conversation moves towards national security and terrorism. they really feel ted cruz has the advantage here. an official on the cruz campaign telling me, quote, it's like major league versus t-ball in terms of compares national security comprehension between ted cruz and donald trump. that's why we've seen ted cruz today really go on the offensive over this issue. he held two press conferences in two different cities, four interviews today talking specifically about the brussels
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terror attack. really trying to go on the offensive, get out in front of this issue, take the reins over this narrative. they say they will continue to paint donald trump as unprepared to be commander in chief. wolf? >> cnn has teams embedded at the caucus sites tonight. it looks like a really long line behind you, boris. what are you seeing? >> reporter: wolf, i talked to a voter who told me she didn't know there were this many democrats in idaho. the line goes on for blocks and blocks and blocks. doors were supposed to close at 7 p.m. local time and it's now 8:05 p.m. to give you an idea of home
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voters there is, they had to open up the century link arena just to have all the voters fit. idaho does it by county rather than precinct. we're going to wait and watch to see if all these voters can get inside. >> we go to salt lake city, utah. looks like a nice turnout there as well, kim. >> reporter: a very nice turnout. the line stretches in is just one section of the line, wolf, all the way down the hallway. it wraps around the school at least once and stretches down the block. if you walk with me this way, we can tell you that the caucus chair says they've already run through 4 hughes ballots. they're down to their final 1,000. the plan is she's going to turn to provisional ballots. once they run out of those, she's going o find the copier machines here in this elementary
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school and start copying things. these are the ballots that they're handing all the voters. at the very bottom, they get to select which candidate they're going to vote for on the presidential preference ballot. just to give you some perspective on what's happening here, in the state of utah, what we're hearing, the conversations among all the people here is that there are three people from utah who were wounded in the brussels attack. so even though you're hearing a lot of talking, it's quite loud in here, the mood is also quite somber. it's taken on a bit more seriousness with this race. one person i spoke with here said global events will be -- the reaction will be to respond loc locally with her vote. wolf? >> there are five contests, five
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very important contests in this race for the white house. anderson cooper is standing by with more. >> thanks very much. i want to show you how some of the candidates have been reacting to the terror attacks in brussels. i spoke with ted cruz earlier. >> we have seen for seven years that being afraid to name it, radical islamic terrorism, has left us vulnerable to jihad and acts of terror. we've seen that in paris, san bernardino and in brussels. it means targeting radical islamic terrorists. mayor bloomberg in new york had a very successful program to engage with the muslim community and to prevent radicalization and identify radical islamic
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terrorists before they carry out acts of terrorism. mayor de blasio came in and ended that program said we're not longer going to do so. that was political correctness run amuck. it exactly the same approach that barack obama and hillary clinton follow of refusing to acknowledge who our enemies are. our enemies are not every muslim. you are enemy is islamic jihadist terrorists. it is the heart of security to prevent those waging war on you from carrying out their acts of war. >> meanwhile, donald trump called for the torture of terror suspects. >> look, i think we have to change our law on the waterboarding thing where they can drop off head and drown people in heavy steel cages and
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we can't waterboard. we have to change our laws andaband be able to fight on at least an equal basis. >> so would you start torturing him right away or would you see if he would cooperate and share information? belgium authorities say he has been talking. >> he may be talking, but he would have talked a lot faster with terror. i would be willing to bet he knew about this bombing that took maplace today. >> let's talk to our panel, gloria borger, douglas brinkley, dana bash. what do you guys think? does this terror attack benefit donald trump, does it benefit the democrats? how does it play politically beyond the horror of what we're
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seeing? >> you have 74% of americans who say they're not satisfied with the way we've been fighting terror in this country. and i think donald trump and ted cruz plays into that quite directly. most people, 6 out of 10, believe that a terror attack in this country is likely, and they play right into that. >> ted cruz is saying that program in new york was incredibly successful, there are a lot of people in new york who disagree with that, including the people involved with the program itself. >> i think the question can be answered short term and long term politically. short term it seems just based on what happened after the terror attack and donald trump called for a ban on muslims coming into the u.s. and his numbers went up and he was so of unstoppable because of what gloria said, there is an absolute fear. but long term i talked to some republicans today had are not in that camp who are very worried
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about demagoguing, that this is demagoguery and it doesn't do anything policy-wise except, you know, get people excited and afraid but doesn't really solve the problem. >> douglas brinkley, presidential historian, you have the leading candidate on the republican side saying torture first, ask questions later, saying maybe if we just tortured salah abdeslam right away, he would have given up more information that was -- >> i think it's tacky for donald trump do that. i think he has to not use that to gather points. you see trump and cruz, i wish
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they could have waited a cycle before getting sound bites out there. >> terrorism has rated pretty low recently. i wonder if that changes and if that is in voters' minds tonight as they go to caucus. >> we see it higher on the republican side than on the democratic side. even after paris, it couldn't sustain overtaking the economy. but on the republican side we've seen the economy time and again really be the top issue. i don't think we're just hearing primary season politics from ted cruz and donald trump tonight. i think they are setting up a general election debate with hillary clinton over this issue of political correctness versus safety and security as they want to frame it that way, and i think that's a debate that whether it's ted cruz or donald trump, that they're eager to have in the fall. >> the press release that ted cruz put out in which he talked about not only increased krien
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patrols, the headline of it was about political correctness. the headline used "political correctness" in it. >> i wonder where he got that idea. >> that's donald trump's great line. he can swat away anything by saying independent n'm not goin politically correct here and it works. to david's point, i agree. this is something trump has been very consistent on. he has raised the issue of torture, he has raised the question about stopping temporarily muslims from coming into this country, which by the way, cruz disagrees with him on. but i think you do see these -- both of these men positioning for a general election. and with hillary clinton, yes, she has been secretary of state but if you're going to hug
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president obama really close, you also have to hug the fact that we haven't gotten control of isis. and this is what scares the american public right now. so she's going to have to deal with that as well. >> interesting that president obama chose to not only stay in cuba and continue on to argentina but chose it go to a baseball game in cuba. he could have stayed there and decided not to go to the baseball game but he chose do it and give an interview on espn after making brief public comments in a brief appearance he made. it's in the line of actions in the past yet it also opens him up to criticism, particularly during this election. >> there's no question about it. it is a tough call, it really is. i'm getting because -- my understanding is because it not just a regular trip. i mean, this is a very important trip to cuba and going to the baseball game was such a
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critical cultural part of the trip that he didn't want to go but i think that you hit the nail on the head. it's also because it's signal sending. it saying you know what, you're not going to win, you're not goinger of the free world's schedule, particularly when he's doing something this important. i want to go to ryan young, what are you seeing tonight? >> if you look at the lines here, people have been standing here for quite some time in in 2012 they had over 200 sites of polling. now they're down to 60. people are telling us they've been waiting in line for over two hours and the polls just closed here. this line wraps around this building, goes down the street into a neighborhood and people are hoping they'll be able to cast their vote. one thing people told us when they went on the inside, they're apparently using ipads to enter people's names in and there's no
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keyboards so it takes extra long to did it. and this is an hour wait. this is a state where a lot of people mail in their ballots but we're hearing there a lot of independents who showed up to vote and they're not being allowed to vote because in this state you have to either be a republican or democrat or green party member to vote on this day. a lot of confusion, a lot of anger at this hours as people are trying to get in to cast their vote. >> ryan young reporting from arizona. it is kind of amazing that given all we have seen on prior primary and caucus nights that these problems are persisting. you would think that election officials would anticipate that. >> this election in particular where donald trump has brought out so many enough voters, i don't think they anticipated these kind of turnouts they're getting on the republican side.
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it could be in arizona. arizona has a lot of early voting, so that's another reason they probably didn't anticipate it because you can vote almost a month in advance in arizona. so a lot of people have already cast their ballots. >> half of them have. >> in idaho, there are a lot of students that are bernie supporters. you can see how many young college kids there are. it's a college town and also people that work in the environmental, river rafting business and all this, it's a huge federal government hub, national forest. >> we'll be seeing turnout figures shortly. wolf, back to you. >> as all of our viewers just heard, a two-hour wait to vote in phoenix, arizona. we're seeing very long lines in three states voting tonight, a big contest that could sway the
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helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. the race for the white house taking place out west on this tuesday. we have a contest going on right now in utah, idaho and arizona. but there are also -- we're just getting word of some problems.
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i want to go to kyung lah. what are you seeing? what are you hearing? >> reporter: wolf, you can see for yourself how long this line it s. this is just one section of the line. the line still has about ten more minutes before they officially hit the cutoff point. last count we heard the line was still wrapping around this building. i want to you look at this guy here. they're handing out now white ballots. if you look, it is a provisional ballot. the reason why is because they'vecompletely run out of the blue ballots they were handing out. i'm going to walk you over this way, excuse me, sir, weaving our way through the room, they've had to on the fly come up with a solution. and, excuse me, you can take a look over here, see this
7:23 pm
printer? they're printing out these ballots on the fly. the reason why is that they had 5,000 ballots ready, but the turnout was so massive, so unexpected, that they've had to pull out this printer and print out these ballots. the line is still very long. they have lost count. they don't know how many people now are going to end up voting tonight but they say as far as turnout here, they are very pleased. wolf? >> it's amazing. we always hear these problems, at least increasingly. the other day we were doing sol election results, they had to go out it kinkos on a weekend and at least they had a printer there. do they think they're going to be able to get the job done tonight, kyung? >> as long as this printer keeps working, wolf, they'll be able to get everything done. all these ballots will head over to that stage over there. they do anticipate it will be a
7:24 pm
smooth night but it going to be a little built later than they anticipated because they've got to make sure this entire line funnels through and picks up a ballot from this printer. >> i want to go over to bernie sanders's headquarters. let's go to jeff zeleny. the turnout must be encouraging to him. >> reporter: it certainly was, wolf. on friday bernie sanders in salt lake city had a crowd of some 14,000 people nap is huge for any type of political crowd but for a democrat in salt lake city, that certainly is considerable. the sanders campaign is hoping to get some of its mojo back in utah, in idaho and in salt lake
7:25 pm
city tonight. people have been waiting in line for hours and hours and hours. i talked to one woman who got here at 7:30 this morning. this certainly is a sign that bernie sanders supporters exist here. the reason they're in california tonight, wolf, they believe that this is the place where this race ends obviously in the primary on june 7th. it's a message they're going to stay in this race until the very end of this campaign, they they are going to keep winning delegates along the line here. mathematically speak the sanders campaign is well, well, well behind. they hope to make up some ground tonight. they believe california is a place where they can win a ton of delegates. that's why bernie sanders is here tonight. he will be addressing the crowd in some half an hour or so time. he is going to talk about the brussels terror incident, and he's going to of course be talking about the challenges
7:26 pm
this puts on all presidential candidates, that commander in chief test. >> he's been attracting very big crowds wherever he seems to go, especially right now where you are in san diego. once again, the polls have closed in arizona. we're standing by for the results to start coming in. they're about to start the caucuses, the democratic caucuses in utah right now. we'll stand by for that as well. in the meantime let's go back to anderson. >> we're also closely following the investigations into the terror attacks in brussels. let's go to donna brazile. in terms of the democrats how do you think the terror attacks today affect hillary clinton, bernie sanders and what you heard from the republican side? >> well, secretary clinton earlier today condemned the attacks, said that the united states must work closely with its european allies and she of course reiterated some of the i
7:27 pm
think steps that she made last year following the paris attack. she gave a very strong speech. it's a big cloud that i think hangs over tonight's election as voters go to the poll, this is clearly an issue that all americans care about. >> it's rated low among democrats in prior contests. do you think tonight it changing the calculus at all? >> i wouldn't say so. i think in the past we've seen foreign policy gives hillary clinton a little bit of an advantage. you saw that in the wake of the san bernardino attacks. these are two different conversations you're seeing taking place in the two parties. democrats are much more focused on issues like racial justice, climate change that almost come up in the republican conversations and republicans at the beginning of this campaign have had national security near the top of their concern. >> jeffrey, do you agree with the prior panel that ted cruz and donald trump are setting up a conversation for general election? >> absolutely. there's an interesting article
7:28 pm
posted tonight quoting former british prime minister tony blair who gave an interview to the bbc apparently before the attacks in belgium and he was making the point that if people in this case we're talking americans tonight, have a choice between wa he called flabby liberalism and a hard line when they see these kind of things, they'll go with the hard line every time. that is going to be a choice that donald trump or ted cruz will draw the line here between them services and hillary clinton. >> and certainly donald trump has been where a lot of his supporters were. when he said the thing about banning muslims from entering the united states, temporarily there was a lot of outrage in media and elsewhere, yet that's been very popular among his supporters. >> it's bizarre that under the umbrella of standing athwart political correct leness, donal
7:29 pm
trump has made the argument of doing away with the geneva convention, which the united states isn't unilaterally able to did, and because we follow the rules we're weaker than isis when actually we're better than them. it sets up the perception of doing nothing as on the left and everything as on the right. >> our coverage continues in just a moment. and alerts you.pedestrs warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. and clean and real
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much more on the election coming up. there's breaking news on the terror front as well. at least 30 people killed, more than 200 injured in the terror attacks. pam will brown is getting new information. >> reporter: officials have long feared there would be another terrorist attack in europe and one of the reasons is because of interrese inter interrecreptive communication.
7:34 pm
there wasn't any information that was specific enough for officials to act on it. one official i spoke to said there was a constant fear that something would happen and then had happened this morning in brussels. the concern, wolf, is that there will be follow-on attacks. you saw that reflected in the state department warning that they have reason to believe terrorist groups are plotting more near-term attacks and at lest one of the suspects is still on the loose. we're looking at these brand new pictures from the airport in brussels. these are the suicide bombers. officials believe these men in the black blew themselves up. this man in the white, they believe he's still under way. >> the state department has just issued a travel alert for americans in europe right now. the state department warns all u.s. citizens to know that will are potential risks of travel to
7:35 pm
and throughout europe. make rogers, this is a pretty extraordinary alert, basically telling americans stay away from europe right now. >> the fact they say they're planning attacks in the near term is pretty aggressive for the state department. it's a departure from their past warnings that, hey, something might happen. this is basically saying we know they are planning attacks across europe in the near term. that's pretty specific. i think that's pretty big deal. normally they're not going to go out on that far a limb. they know that will interfere with commerce, people will cancel flights and cause tourism losses in europe. that's a pretty aggressive statement. >> the words "near term attacks through europe, targeting tourist sites, restaurants and transportation," the state department doesn't use those words easily. >> there have been some after-terrorist incidents after europe. the challenge for the state department is they're probably getting a lot of pressure from
7:36 pm
europe. it is summertime, it is spring break, people are traveling. you can't simply say don't go to europe. it's not the right statement to say right now. instead they're saying as travelers there are precautions you can take to minimize the risks to yourself and to your family and to protect yourself while traveling. the more we say, they're going to counteract. the more we put the security apparatus on, they're going to do the same thing and then you have a global economy coming to a standstill. >> are they ready in europe, paul, you spent a lot of time in belgium and europe and france, are they ready for near-term attacks that are in the works right now in. >> no, they're overstretched. the threat is unprecedented. too europeans have joined isis, gone to iraq. more than 67,000 have traveled. 1,500 have come back, people who have joined these jihadi groups
7:37 pm
over there. isis is ratcheting up its international attack planning as it's losing territory in syria and iraq, it's lashing out with terrorist attacks. it has developed an external operations unit reporting up to the top aheleadership of isis. >> stand by. i want to get back to the western elections that are under way right now. we're standing by for the first results that come in. we might be able to make some projections. i want to go to boris sanchez. huge crowds for these democratic caucuses. what's the latest? >> reporter: hey, wolf, the behind is still about an hour away from being inside. doors are supposed to close at 7:00. it's now an hour and a half later. that will mean this line will be going for two and a half hours. how long have you guys been in line? >> two and a half hours.
7:38 pm
>> cnn! >> who are you guys here to vote for? >> bernie! >> i spoke to an organizer earlier who said she think as lot of this enthusiasm has do with bernie sanders. he was here in the state yesterday speaking to 7,000 people at boise state university, challenging them to come out and vote today. it appears so far it worked. an organizer told me she printed out 13,000 fwulballots ready fo this size of a crowd. they have room for about 5,000 in one building, about 8 in the other. that's about 13,000 voters in one location. that could be the largest single caucus in u.s. history. how are you guys doing tonight? you guys excited? a lot of excitement there, wolf. >> they sound sort of excited. i want to go over to john king over at the magic wall.
7:39 pm
big turnout for bernie sanders. and a big night in arizona where it's win aner take all. >> the only way to stop donald trump is on election day. can ted cruz pull off a surprise tonight and take that away from donald trump? that would send a big signal that trump's momentum was stopped, especially if he gets 50% plus one. if you get 50% in utah, winner take all kicks in. can ted cruz finally prove not only does he say he's the alternative, but he can prove he's the alternative. if cruz can do that, it would put cruz back in contention. it would show trump has lot of trouble out in the west. >> one correction, it was donald trump that won the other four.
7:40 pm
>> donald trump won four and ted cruz keeps saying i'm the alternative. donald trump is favored in arizona. if he pulls that off, he's got almost 6 out of 10 tonightif he wins arizona, he stays on track and might lower his margins. the big complaint from cruz this week, he's been complaining about john kasich saying why are you out in utah? why won't you leave it to me? let me get 50 plus one. let's assume cruz wins 45%, donald trump comes in second, kasich comes in third, could end the night with donald trump still picking up 70 delegates. if he can pick up 70 delegates tonight, he'll reduce his math from needing 54% of the remaining delegates to needing 52% of the remaining delegates.
7:41 pm
if trump splits it, for ted cruz to prove he can stop trump, the best way would be to win them both and get winner take all. >> mitt romney was out there campaigning for ted cruz in utah and he was concerned that john kasich could spoil that 50% plus one assuming that ted cruz could get to that threshold. >> and kasich campaigned ahard out there. they said ted cruz proved nothing. they said if he could prove it by winning but they say cruz hasn't won in a while, why shouldn't they compete and get delegates? kasich knows he's not going to win arizona or utah. but if he can get delegates out of utah, it will help with his rationale that if he can get some delegates tonight, it gives him an argument of let's go back to my area. >> bernie sanders, if you add in
7:42 pm
the three contests this weekend, some think he could go 6 for 6 or more likely 5 for 6 over the next few days. hillary clinton and -- sanders campaign says it's competitive. clinton campaign thinks it's going to win tonight. the democratic rules are proportional. if utah we saw high turnout. bernie sanders says high turnout is good for me. if he only wins 55-45, he only wins three for delegates. he's 324 short of hillary clinton. if he wins just 55-45 and she wins 55-45 there, she'll actually pick up one in her delegate lead. bernie sanders would claim momentum but the fundamental arc of the race, she enters 325, the scenario she loses two of the three states and still end up one more delegate.
7:43 pm
>> that's the pledged delegates. not even talking about the super delegates. >> if you want to add in super delegates, she gets way out here. the sanders campaign complains those don't matter until you get to the convention. >> has anyone changed their minds yet? >> not yet. yes, they can change their mind but the only way they're going to change their mind is in bernie sanders fills in 28 democratic contests left, including tonight. bernie sanders is going to have to start running the board to get these people to change their minds. >> it's going to be a fascinating night. these three democratic contests tonight. it's an important night, especially important for bernie sanders. he's got to get some momentum going out west. he thinks he will. big turnouts tonight. let's see if he can deliver. we're also awaiting votes that come in right now from arizona. can donald trump win and take all the delegates there? it's a winner-take-all state.
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very important night in three western tuesday race, idaho, arizona and utah. i want to go to kyung lah, where the turnout is very long. >> reporter: very long. there are still, still lines outside. completely wraps around the building, not just down this hallway, wolf. i've been chatting with a couple of people down here. and these folks -- how long you have guys been standing in behind? >> two and a half hours. >> reporter: two and a half hours. it is a very cold night here in utah. but they say it worth it. so what has this meant? are you handing out ballots? where are the ballots? >> reporter: they were handing out ballots here. we're having a little bit of ballot confusion. here's what's happening with the ballots once they are handed out. i'm not sure why they're not
7:49 pm
handing out ballots right now, if they are having an issue with them. we're going to walk over this way. i can tell you that what we've seep here is earlier in the evening they were handing out longer, legal size blue ballots and what we've seen is they have run out of ballots. so this printer has been printing out provisional ballots. and this is what they're handing out it the people who are still in line. i want to you look at this stack over here. this stack of paper over here, they've had to keep sending out campaign workers to purchase reames of paper because they keep running out. so the turnout here, wolf, it's not just been very good, it's been incredible here. >> sounds incredible. i hope they have enough printer cartridges. boris sanchez has similar problems. they're watching in boise, idaho. lines pretty long over there. what are you seeing?
7:50 pm
>> reporter: they've already started the pomp and circumstance inside the caucus with still huge lines outside, lines that stretch as far as the eye can see. but because of the way things are going, they may have to start taking ballots outside. how are you doing? >> good, how are you? >> reporter: what brings you olt here tonight? >> to caucus. >> reporter: have you ever soon anything like this before? >> never seen anything like this. >> reporter: what made you want to caucus? >> i have been so torn which candidate i'm caucusing for today. i had some great people tosway me in one direction or the other. that's what brought me out here. >> reporter: are you concerned that there may be too many people out here? >> no. no. >> reporter: thank you so. wolf, back to you. >> thanks very much, boris. lots of excitement. we're waiting for the results. we're ready to make projections as soon as we get the word. >> in terms of just the pure
7:51 pm
politics on the republican side, will there be clarity tonight? >> either we're going to learn that ted cruz has a strong rationale and argument to make that, he actually can be the guy to stop trump or he won't. i think we have clarity on that tonight. if he is unable to meet that 50% threshold in utah and it donald trump wins arizona and takes all those delegates there, donald trump, he is just steam rolling through this nomination process. i think at that point you got to look at ted cruz not winning anything last week. if he falls below that 50% threshold, i think this is a big night for ted cruz to sort of say i'm here to stay all the way through in a viable fashion or donald trump is steam rolling his name to the nomination. >> reporter: and cruz had mitt romney out campaigning for him in utah -- >> it probably didn't help trump
7:52 pm
much in utah, that he questioned whether mitt romney was a mormon. he tried to walk that back a little. i think this gives you an idea of why cruz is so angry at john kasich. if it weren't for john kasich, he would perhaps make that threshold and get a bunch of delegates but kasich could keep him from doing that and getting any kind of momentum against trump. calling him a spoiler or whatever else you want, cruz just wants to get kasich out of the way. >> it's not just cruz who is annoyed about it. it's the whole entire anti-trump movement, which has pretty much the entire donor world on the republican side behind them to try and stop donald trump. >> are they still putting a lot of money into it? >> that's a good question. they certainly were in utah and in this particular race. they had in the last series of races, which it was questionable
7:53 pm
whether or not it actually worked, the people who are working the anti-trump pac think that they kept trump's threshold low aer than hthey would have b? >> do you think there's clarity tonight about the anti-trump movement? >> utah does not care for donald trump. the mormons don't care for trump. they don't like him beating up on muslims. they don't like the foul language that trump uses. they don't like the bullying, meaning the mormon conservatives of the state should be all with ted cruz. if he can't get 50%, anderson, tonight in utah, i think it's a very bad night for cruz. >> especially it's there's one other factor, which i would add to that, which means it's closed and own republicans can go in
7:54 pm
historically. that's where ted cruz has done the best. donald trump is right here, brings in people outside the republican party. >> if you look at our most recent poll that came out last night, 46% of republicans believe their party will still be divided when we get to november. that means there still is a real sense of division and there is still a big faction that would like to stop trump and cruz may be their only vehicle. he has to keep winning somewhere in order it make the argument that it's a viable option. >> and cruz -- you saw in our poll as a second choice, cruz does quite well. if there is going to be an alternative, cruz is much more acceptable than say a john kasich. >> the only thing would i add is he has to show he is viable but
7:55 pm
only so much. not like when there were all these candidates. now it's about trying to keep the delegates away from donald trump more than anything. >> we're going to take a short break. awaiting results in arizona, obviously in utah as well. we'll be right back.
7:56 pm
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you're looking at boisebois idaho right now, where there are huge crowds for the democrats. in phoenix, arizona, lines are still snaked around the buildings. and in salt lake city, utah, official himself to print hundreds of provisional ballots. it's wednesday tuesday. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from the cnn election sen center. democrats caucuses in arizona, idaho and utah, on the republican side, 98 delegates at
8:00 pm
stakes, some of those winner take all. for democrats 131 delegates tonight. hillary clinton hopes to run up the scoreboard and widen her delegate lead, while bernie sanders is hoping he'll have a better night tonight, more luck out west with the caucuses in utah and idaho. i want to go to sara murray. she's covering donald trump. she's in florida for us. what are you hearing? >> reporter: one of the states tonight, utah, we know will be an unfriendly state for donald trump. that was before the anti-trump super pac decided to pile on. they have spent half a million dollars just since friday hammering donald trump on that state. they've been up on the airwaves with ads of mitt romney slamming donald trump. they've even used the romney


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